Earth large bowl


Artist Collection
Large bowl
Height: 9cm x diameter: 15,5cm
Woodfired porcelain slip over stoneware (anagama)
Handcrafted by Tom Charbit

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Year after year, firing after firing, I kept a small number of pieces that accompanied me all along the way. Some of them were like old friends, giving me confidence and reminding me of what I was able to achieve. Some of them represented a turning point, a new perspective, the beginning of a new story. But very often, they were simply asking questions: what happened? what is exactly working there? why is there a balance here? why the unexpected is finally more interesting than what was expected? Now that I answered some of these questions, the time has come to let them live their own life.

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The Earth Collection

I learnt from the Japanese that beauty lies in the accidents, the vertigo of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, the magnetic mess of nature. The ‘Earth’ bowls, boxes and vases are an expression of this vertigo, as I have not yet managed to wholly reject this terribly naïve idea that art can be sometimes nothing more than a reproduction of nature’s wonderful spectacle.