Inspired by traditional Japanese ceramics, as Iga, Bizen,
Shigaraki or Mino, my work could easily be classified into different categories corresponding to specific uses and forms, as chado, or ikebana. As for my bowls, inspired by chawan, my yunomi teacups, my mizusashi boxes with their lid that quotes Hokusai, or my tsubo vases…

However, my relationship with Japanese, Korean or Chinese ceramic traditions is in fact pretty loose. As fascinated as I can be by their outstanding masterpieces, my work is definitely not an attempt to reproduce them. Even if I feel extremely close to the philosophy that lies underneath Japanese ceramics, as zen or wabi-sabi, my chawan, for instance, don’t fit the tradition in many ways.

Thus I see my work as a free interpretation of these codes and values, both inside and outside the canons, close enough to feel this heritage everyday, far enough to let my own sensibility operate aesthetic choices.

– Tom Charbit

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